Let’s Choose Android Operating System!

Overview of iOS Operating System
December 28, 2019
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February 11, 2020

In recent years, the operating system is always a top concern of most businesses. According to Wiki, Android is an operating system based on the Linux platform that is designed for mobile devices with touch screens such as smartphones and tablets. Initially, Android was developed by Android Corporation, with financial support from Google, later it was the main Google acquired in 2005. Android debuted in 2007 to promote open standards for Mobile devices that are using the Android operating system. The first handset using the Android operating system was sold in 2008. To have a strong operating system, Android has always updated the latest trends and many special functions to serve the demand of users. There are many reasons why we should try to use Android.

First of all, it is said that Android is a smart operating system because it can listen and change constantly. With many users and devices to the Android giant continued to receive feedback and suggestions of users. The ability to listen and constantly changing, updating with high intensity, which will help the operating system increasingly complete. The basic error slowing devices almost did not even when the development team solved. Android has changed almost completely since it debuted in 2007. Contrary to Android, iOS almost unchanged and significant changes in recent years because of this operating system stable capital at the beginning, but it has made many users feel boring.

While iOS was developed exclusively by Apple and only on the iPhone, the Android is an open operating system for most of the current machine. The variety of designs and value in every segment stretches help completely dominant Android before iOS. Currently, the brand names such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE … also use the Android operating system. Wide price is a key advantage for the current dominance of Android. Besides the high-end products to compete with the iPhone and iPad, Android seems to be the only platform products “affordable”. Nowadays, most stores around the world tend to display many products that are applied by the Android operating system. You can look for easily a device with Android in the market. Thanks to the freedom of Android that it has brought an enormous amount of equipment to meet the needs of all classes of society. Android’s devices are chosen by most people because it has many different kinds of price, a worker or a student still can buy them. It is very convenient for the customer to have a smartphone with a medium-cost.

Next, the highly customizable always the strongest point of Android. While Apple wants to control all applications default to maintain the experience between hardware and software, Android lets you freely control your device. Besides, you can change, customize everything on your Android device, from the desktop to the keyboard or app. At the same time, users can also comfortably and easily share data with other devices. Meanwhile, iOS only allows sharing information if the device is the iPhone. Moreover, the devices that come with the iPhone usually can only be used for iOS, for example charging cables, headsets. Therefore, it’s very difficult for people if their devices have problems and they can replace by another tool. Most people prefer using a convenient mobile phone to a modern technical device at a high price.

The four benefits that young people will love so much is Android has a huge free app store. While Android has nearly 4 million apps on Google Play, only 2.2 million iOS apps on the App Store. The main difference is this help much loved Android more. Moreover, the Google Play Store free application rate is higher than the App Store. However, the iOS platform more profitable for developers, so new applications, especially mobile games best tend to appear on the App Store first, then there will be sessions the run on Android. Today, the need of users is gradually increasing, they tend to look for the application that can help them relax after a working day. There are many exciting applications such as games, music, video or some applications about the reading book, newspaper everywhere. For iOS devices, they will be limited and people can just download some apps allowed. Of course, it is the application of copyright and is reserved for the iPhone.

Furthermore, Android is a “close friend” of Google, Android devices are always perfectly coordinated with Google. Nowadays, users are increasingly dependent on mobile to online, and Google is the king of web pages with useful tools such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps. Fortunately, Android becomes a special operating system that is supported by Google. Of course, many Google services are available on iOS, but the deep integration capabilities of the device are still not good. This is an important factor  because most users use a lot of Google services so that smoothness is a very important factor  and Android has that.