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May 18, 2020
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August 11, 2020
From productivity to leisure, UX has proved itself crucial. How does it apply in the "WFH" era?

From productivity to leisure, UX has proved itself crucial. How does it apply in the "WFH" era?

The most interesting thing about the remote working setup brought by this pandemic is realizing how capable the world already is for everyone to completely work from home. More and more, the need for front end development service is getting recognized as we’re relying on technology now more than ever. Several android and IOS app developments have made it possible for us to maintain physical distancing and provide for our families.


Organizing Tasks

For many companies, several apps and websites have made it possible to manage tasks and organize files from the comfort of your home. Platforms such as Google Suite, Trello, Meistertask, and Asana allow higher-ups to delegate instructions and give feedback to employees. Employees, in return, are able to submit their work, clock in their hours, and send in suggestions. Overall, these make remote work much more efficient and productive.


Staying Connected

The biggest challenge since the pandemic has been to keep in touch with team members and clients. If this happened way back in the 1960s, it may have been impossible–or deadly!–to physically report to work! Thank goodness we now have Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, and other messaging apps to address this. And these are not only useful for contacting our co-workers, but our family and friends as well.


Online Purchasing

We live in a time where everything is available online. We can purchase books, laptops, cameras, clothes, supplies, and just about anything else (even dog food) on the web. Online shopping sites like Carousell, Shopee, Amazon, and eBay make it possible for us to buy what we need (or treat ourselves on payday!). Even ordering food from restaurants and local businesses has become possible with apps like FoodPanda, Postmates, Uber Eats, and GrabFood. This way we continue to help local businesses thrive–while staying well-fed!


Staying Updated on the News

Journalism has become a cloudy industry with fake articles constantly getting in the way of factual information. That being said, we can learn how to fact-check and review articles easily by comparing content across platforms like the New York Times, The Intelligencer, The Guardian, and Wall Street Journal. YouTube has also made it possible for us to get our news and see video footage of events all over the world. These also help us monitor news on COVID-19 cases all around the world and be informed of the necessary health measures we must take.


Health Resources

Slowly but surely, medical services are transitioning to online appointments and resources to make information & help accessible for everyone. Apps for checking symptoms, heart rate, monitoring exercise, and managing your diet are all available for our physical health concerns. Doctors are also still on-call for services to avoid in-person appointments. Mental health services are also being conducted online, with apps equipped with breathing exercises or mental check-in tools.


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