The Psychology of Good Design in Mobile App and Website Development

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There's something about how visual elements catch the eye. But how is it executed successfully?

There's something about how visual elements catch the eye. But how is it executed successfully?

The Psychology of Good Design - Web DevelopmentAs a company that offers web app development services, we are highly aware of the role that design plays in the production of different platforms. Good web design and mobile app design both involve strong knowledge of the way people think and behave. This means being aware that good design is not only concerned with what is beautiful, but the emotional impact it has on people. 

We live in a visually-dependent world. We need signs on roads to show us where to go. We use logos to distinguish products and services–even when they may be selling the same thing! We need grids and structures in layouts for magazines, newspapers, books, and websites to make reading more legible. In general, sound design makes it easier to go navigate through our daily lives. 

In the digital landscape, every web design and development company needs to understand the elements in design affect the users. Here are some aspects of good design and the ways they affect the people they reach. 


Layout and Organization  Layout and Organization - Web Design and Development

There are interesting mathematical principles behind pleasing design. The Fibonacci sequence, for example, is frequently adapted in layouts in magazines and compositions in paintings or photographs. The Rule of Thirds is applied in websites and apps by using grids to organize content.  


Choice of Typeface 

Choice of Typeface - Web Design and DevelopmentChoosing a typeface sets the tone of the content. The appropriate selection of fonts impacts how you communicate your message. Loud statements tend to be emphasized more when written with bold fonts (such as for ad campaigns and movies), while more curvaceous typefaces are used for softer statements (such as lifestyle or fashion magazines). Posters or digital marketing collaterals use different fonts to sell an idea. 



Color - Web Design and DevelopmentColor has a significant effect on our mood and behavior. Even from childhood, without having anyone to tell us, we instinctively associate red with warning and green for safety. We associate oranges and yellows with warmth and blues and purples with coolness.  

The color choices in design have significant meaning. Companies are more easily remembered because of the colors they use (such as navy blue for Facebook or red & yellow for McDonald’s). Colors and certain hues also are powerful enough to generate feelings and memories. 

In web or mobile app design, we keep in mind that the colors we use trigger certain ideas and impressions as well. Colors that you may use for an educational platform may not always be useful on a corporate website. It’s always important to keep in mind throughout user experience design that we must be aware of our audience and how certain color palettes may attract or repel them.


Figures and Shapes 
Figures and Shapes - Web Design and Development

Logos, buttons, images, and symbols on a screen impact how we absorb information. Semantics (the part of language concerned with meaning) makes it possible for us to associate simple images with bigger ideas. This way, pictures in advertising, digital marketing, web design or mobile app design don’t have to be literal to get their point across.


Goal Setting 
Goal Setting - Web Design and Development

All designs, may it be on mobile app or web app development, or anything under the sun, are created to provide solutions to problems. For example, for someone who wants to lose weight, using an app can be helpful in counting their daily caloric intake or their number of steps per day. The use of apps to help us achieve certain goals (such as apps for scheduling, organizing, planning, etc.) Web and mobile app development needs extensive user research to understand customer behaviors and needs in order to make a sustainable platform for all its users.


Community - The Psychology of Good Design - Website Design and Development

Lastly, good design allows us to enjoy a sense of community. Efficient user experience design makes it possible for social media apps or sites to accommodate ways for people to connect. Whether it’s calling friends and family or meeting people online with similar interests, we want to be able to use platforms that are easy to navigate and make our moments of connectivity enjoyable. 


FRONTLINE is a web and mobile app design company based in Singapore that uses principles of design and psychology to make your concept come alive. If you are interested in launching your own digital platform, contact us for any digital transformation services. With the right mobile app or web developer to partner with, especially in Singapore, the success is likely to be seen even from the start of the process.


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