Opportunities and Challenges for IT Outsourcing in Vietnam

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Vietnam's rise in the IT outsourcing market is incredible, but there are important things to note.

Vietnam's rise in the IT outsourcing market is incredible, but there are important things to note.

Vietnam is gradually becoming an improved country when it comes to IT outsourcing. Apart from countries like India, China, Singapore, Viet Nam has become one of the countries to be considered as powerhouse for technical talents. With an extensive background, Vietnam’s developers have been on the rise as to the criteria of businesses for technicalities. This has become the way for a small country like Vietnam to compete and promote its value in the international market.

To strengthen position in the technology market has not always been easy, and the outsourced developers had put a lot of effort to bring opportunities to the country. Let’s find out what is the opportunity and challenge that Vietnam’s developers have to go through.


Characteristics of IT outsourcing

Typically, most businesses invest in finding big projects or famous products to have high benefit, but this option is only accepted in some cases. Therefore, some small IT outsourcing companies will choose to invest in developing the workforce, especially the developer and programmer teams. That is because if you have a good developer team or professional staff, you can bring in foreign projects and complete it in the best possible way, as diverse talents dive in to those projects. It is an effective option for the company to get high revenue and a stable position in the market.

IT outsourcing will also bring more efficiency, save cost, and limit risks for the enterprise. Nowadays, international businesses tend to cooperate with IT outsourcing in Vietnam. Cooperating with foreign companies could help developers in Vietnam improve their skills, affirm their capacity, and raise their culture as well.

Accessing to modern science

For example, if students want to learn a lot of new knowledge and have more experience on application, they need to learn and exchange knowledge with faculty or advisers with higher qualifications. This is the best way to develop their abilities and skills to complete the tasks and apply to the actual world. Everyday, people always have to update and research more and more because technology has just been getting started to bring about its capabilities.

Today, most International companies tend to choose Vietnam to cooperate in the IT outsourcing field like Intel, Samsung, LG, etc… This is a big opportunity for Vietnam citizens to be exposed to modern equipment and high-end technology around the world. From that, developers in Vietnam will improve their skill level and enhance the quality of science and technology. For small businesses, IT outsourcing has helped them grow just with some evident success on projects. On this note, GDP will also be increasing as a result to that growth.


Quality of Human Resources

Nowadays, businesses spend much time in training and directing new employees. Just like any other business, if new developers want to become familiar and proficient in certain processes and joint projects of the team, they need to take a long time to be immersed to it. Yield reduction will affect the reputation of the business to compete with other countries. Resources are always a matter of primary concern when starting the implementation of a certain project, shortening the training time will bring a better result for the business. It is ideal though that newbies should be onboard to shadow on the tasks and roles in order to be immersed. They are also advised to self-study to maintain gain and contribute knowledge to their team. It is very important to keep the potential ones and make them grow with the company.

Constantly changing

Good businesses can not stand still forever in a position, they must change constantly. As the economy is growing, technology companies compete more and more, and challenge the business strengths, so developers need to update and change the course of work, or even hone additional skills to keep up with competitors. Currently, the goal for any company is to rise from those challenges to promote the outsourcing industry in Vietnam.

Foreseeing these problems, Frontline has always tried to research on how to train and improve their skills to make it an outstanding company, and climb to a higher position in the IT outsourcing market. As we grow, we see businesses growing with us, too. Be one of our clients now!