Three Technology Trends in 2020

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April 19, 2020
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May 6, 2020

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Do you know the latest technology trends in the world?

Do you want to improve your services to compete with other businesses?

Do you want to have a stable position in the market?

To gain those goals, your have to find out constantly the latest information about technology. With the development of social media, modern equipment, everything can help you look for what you want easily. Whether you are a big company, a start-up company, or a developer who wants to improve your job, it is important to update and keep track of any information about this field is extremely necessary.  Our market always changes and is developed day-by-day. If you don’t want to be left behind, then research it immediately.

In 2020, the economy of the world will have significant changes form e-commerce, tourism, education, and technology. Developers always want to think of ways that can help people have a better life in the future.


5G network


First of all, let’s talk about the 5G network. Network technology is a user-friendly service in recent years like 3G, 4G, or fixed network access devices. Nowadays, when social media is developed, those devices will help people enjoy their demands in entertainment, learning, working, and other activities. For example, the download speed of a film will be faster, you just take a few seconds or a few minutes to get the information you need. Especially, with the 5G network is used on the mobile phone that can replace to wifi, you can open it anywhere.

However, 5G network usage is still not uniform in all countries, it just appeared in some US cities. Moreover, the number of smartphones support this service is very limited. In 2019, it is applied in the Samsung high-end devices like Galaxy S10 or Note 10 because the configuration is strong. This year, Apple will also create new devices that can support the 5G network for users. Besides, the 5G network will help the device easily linked together and of course, it will be sold at low prices to attract customers.


Smart wearable devices


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Are you a technology follower?

Do you love collecting the latest style of watches?

Or, do you like finding unique gift accessories like bracelets, headphones, necklaces,…?

Knowing those needs of users, producers start creating many different wearable devices to compete with other items. In recent years, the competition between big brands is gradually increasing, most developers tend to invest impressive devices to attract customers. Moreover, a device that can connect to a smartphone is very wonderful. For example, Apple Watch is a successful product of Apple’s brand, it was born in 2015 in the world. At that time, small watches with the ability to monitor the health of humans has become a unique device and popular in all countries.

In 2016, Airpods are the next device of Apple. Being wireless headphones, Airpods are a convenient device for users, it can also connect and sync to other smartphone devices. From that, Apple has become one of the manufacturer’s wearables world’s largest. After that, other businesses also start focusing on improving wearable devices. With the goal is to bring a better life for people in the future, developers always try to create the best devices with essential features for them.

In the next years, wearable devices can undertake more duties such as checking the people’s health, supporting the deaf people as a hearing aid, or even if those devices can add location features or acts as a map of the tour. Especially, I think that a fashionable product will attract the attention of customers better. Because people like choosing the most beautiful for their body to help them feel more confident. It’s very useful for us!


Streaming service


A long time ago, if you want to watch a film or music program, you have to buy a CD or go to the theater to enjoy it, and it is inconvenient. Therefore, the online watching film has born and replaced with old devices, it is an exciting service and popular in recent years. Netflix is the first service about online watching films, and it has appeared in all countries of the USA. With this new method of watching movies, people can save time and look for anything they like. Moreover, online websites are usually updated famous films or entertainment programs from the past to present, so people can enjoy and look for programs that are suitable for their favorite.

Besides, we can watch movies or listen to music anywhere like a company, school, and even if in their house. Nowadays, we can see many different types of online website and they help people have a modern life. It can be said that streaming services have been improved every day. In 2020, other brands will also start to participate in this market and is sure to create many more exciting services to users.

To sum up, technology trends are always developed day-by-day. We have to update and observe the needs of users constantly, create the best products and services for people.