Releasing an Application

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March 5, 2020
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Improving Application: App Development Mistakes to Avoid
March 21, 2020

Releasing the mobile application always an important step for all businesses. After a difficult production process, it’s time to display your application to users and compete with other companies. Of course, most developers are always worried and even afraid to face results. Therefore, the last thing businesses want to do is invest in a major launch of their applications. A successful launch is one of the great campaigns to resonate with the app, increasing app installs and rankings. On the contrary, if the launch fails, this will greatly affect the reputation and the amount of investment that you have to pay. To succeed in the mobile application exhibitions, you should avoid some specific bugs and pay attention to the investment of your applications.

First, some people think that they only need to update their applications on the app store, that would mean those apps will succeed. But this ideal is wrong, your application will be popular when you bring it closer to the market and users. At this time, what you need to do is make updates or teasers on social networks, websites, blogs or email. That’s how businesses attract users and make them desire to use the application. We have to reach the customer step by step and please ensure that they know about your product before it is brought to the market. Because when you focus on preparing and updating applications to the app store, your competitors have impressed customers with the methods of advertising on social networks. Moreover, if your marketing strategy is very impressive, you can reach to journalists, bloggers or media, this will help your application is famous on the technology market and they are willing to review for your products. Therefore, users will be curious and want to download your app more before it is released.

The next mistake that most designers have to concern about the creation of your app store page.  The application icon is the first thing users see when opening the app store, so you can make a good impression by an impressive interface. Next to screenshots and videos, they will contribute to promoting users to choose your application.  When users click on your application, the screenshot will appear, so let’s make a good impression with a unique screenshot. This is the first step that can confirm whether customers interest in your application or not. Therefore, you should have a small survey to test and run your application, then collecting user feedback. Besides, to have several customers, some companies have to rely on the reviews and ratings of applications. When more people use your app, you will get reviews. Although you can sit and wait for the evaluation and ranking gradually appear the fact that both the evaluation and ranking is an important part of the ranking algorithms of the app store. First reviews and ratings are important because users will look at them and rate your app. If you have already released applications and unfortunately your application has a negative evaluation of the user or the competitors, it will make your app decline very serious credibility. Therefore, enterprises need to implement strategies to generate positive feedback, ask users to review your app while using it via a push, a message in the app or email when they just purchase or completing a level. You can even provide ways to encourage (such as discounts, gift vouchers, unlock the application features, etc …) to encourage users to re-evaluate your application and rearranged according to the most recent time.

Typically, most developers only pay attention to improve the mobile application and wait for the revenue. Although traffic is an important part of your application, investing a lot of money for marketing will help you have several potential users. Today, people like watching advertising programs on the Internet, television or newspapers, so a great strategy marketing can make a big explosion about traffic and your products will get a high ranking. To ensure you can get the most users in the campaign, select a channel that is accessible to many users your goal, whether it is through search, social or inside the app. The application always goes with the website. Sometimes, they only focus on developing your app and they forget updating for their website. One of the important ways to reach users before your application has appeared on the app store is using the website. If an application comes from a big site with high reliability, that will contribute to help your application compete with other companies. You can increase your ability to explore the site by blogging on the site or to allow others to publish articles related, often operating on the forums and share stories about your application through social networking … Publish and share content not only increase your SEO, but these sources will also help you increase the traffic to your app store page for a long time.

In summary, if you avoid these common mistakes will make a difference when you launch your application, it also allows you to focus on optimizing the efforts to attract users. The result is increased revenue to the highest level you can.