Notes for Programmers

The Criteria for a Good Mobile Application
February 21, 2020
Releasing an Application
March 21, 2020

Most programmers want to develop a wonderful mobile application. Whether they know how to do this job or not and what important elements that programmers need to note before creating applications? There are basic questions that most developers have to think of when produce an application for the mobile phone. In fact, developers need to ensure that their application can easy to use on all mobile devices and meet the demand of users. So, we have some helpful advices to help programmers complete their products better.

First of all, developer need to search carefully about the technical market. As other items, before starting to create a new product, developers will make basic conveys to find out the need of customers. By that way, they can know what items customers love and it consumption situation on the market now. At the same time, designers will base on customers’ feedbacks to determine strengths, weaknesses, strategies of competitors. From that, please prevent repeating their mistakes. Besides, the accurate analysis of current marketing situation helped the developer identify those forms of advertising suit your application. Please make sure that you have these important notes about the market situation and properly solve problems that users are experiencing. The next element will decide the succeed of a product is efficiency. Your products can reach 100% effective or not, that is an important question for developers. Efficiency includes data efficiency. These smartphone applications using 3G or 4G data exceeds permitted levels will have limited ability to download applications only. If you do not want their products also fall into such a situation, ensure that application-friendly mobile data, do not occupy too much data when running and optimized for most of the series. After completing design draft, let’s try to give your family or friends to use it first. Because they are the ones who will give you the most accurate comments, easy to help you identify and fix application problems. Designers should pay attention to the size of buttons on screen, the contents of term, please note and focus on the limitations of application, if your product is too complicated, users will give up and look for a new alternative one.

On the other hand, do you know why new entertainment center will attract several customer more than old center and it always has a stable number of customer. I think that the answer is developers build impressive stores and design unique images that old centers don’t have. Most people like visiting new places because they want to discover new things, it is the nature of them. This is also true with the mobile application when the number of customers who use application has increased faster in recent years.  Users tend to enjoy new things with outstanding features. Therefore, what you need to remember is to always create outstanding benefits to retain users longer. For example, young people is interested in image editing applications, so designers should create many new features that can help them edit colors, body parts, landscapes, etc. If you have more exciting features, you will make a good impression with users.

Next, do you want to wait for the process of starting an application for a long time? Asking users to wait while the application is loading is a sign of death because they will think that your application is having trouble at some stage. If you want to succeed, you need to understand all needs of users, especially is put yourself in their position when using a mobile application. Typically, most people don’t want to wait anything too long, they are very uncomfortable. For instance, a student need to open dictionary application to look for some important words for her exam now. But her application starts up too slowly and it is always in “loading” state, this will affect to her learning. At the same time, negative impression right from the start also makes the experience of users then also not very good. To avoid creating this feeling for users, try using status bars, indicators, or dynamic effects to ensure that your application is still running. Thereby, users will understand that they need to wait for applications to connect to the system and it does not have any problems. An index bar is still a better recommendation for developers.

An important advice that most designers have to list price for their application appropriately. Price is one of the core elements that developers should not ignore. This is a very important factor, affected by so many other small factors, it is difficult to set a suitable price for both users and businesses. The first thing that users concern is how much they have to pay to down this application. In many cases, the free app is still more noticeable than the paid app, regardless of the quality and experience differences.

Overall, nothing guarantees success of product you make. However, knowing the good tips will help you prepare more carefully and avoid unwanted mistake. Developing an application needs it.