The Criteria for a Good Mobile Application

Some apps make it to the top because of several important characteristics. When you know what these are, making a great app will be easier for you.
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February 11, 2020
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March 5, 2020

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A wonderful mobile application is a device that can support the customer all their demands. The mobile application can help people do anything they want. Improving your application will attract customer’s attention and get a great revenue in the future.

One of the important criteria is to provide offline functionality. Most applications depend on the availability of an Internet connection. Although Internet access almost everywhere, but it is important that your application can perform well even when the user is offline. Today, the mobile phone is an essential device for most people, so they will bring it everywhere. For some places that can’t connect to the Internet or some people don’t like using an Internet service package, they need to have a useful application that can be used offline. Besides, users will choose reasonable applications that can access both online and offline condition, they will save time and open them anywhere. Access to offline features and content provides a significant advantage and allows you to continue to promote a positive user experience, which is essential for the success of the application.

The next factor is to maintain high performance for your application. Efficiency is one of the most important factors for the position of mobile application in the market. Poor app efficiency can lead to a negative user experience, which is the reason why your application is failing. In addition to some surveys in the technical market, those researchẻs show that 80% of users will only try to access a bad application three times, after that they will give up and look for another app. So, your application has to operate perfectly. An application must constantly work well to maintain or improve the user experience. Your mobile app has to launch quickly the first time and doesn’t make users wait a long time. For example, I have to buy a birthday gift for my friend for four hours, but I am working in a company so I can’t go out. At that time, the most necessary thing I want to have is a shopping application on my mobile. I don’t have much time to wait, most apps still have a fast delivery feature, it’s very convenient for users. But if this application starts too long, I can’t send that gift to my friend, I can’t wait because it takes too much time. Finding another application is the best option for me, so you can see the importance of efficiency. It is also an important job to fix any errors, malfunctions or slow performance. Optimize your application for high performance, constantly retesting your application to ensure it is working properly.

Before displaying anything, producers will test all features much time. Their purpose is that they want to bring a perfect product for customers and so are mobile applications. Moreover, it is better if you can organize a small workshop and allow users to try to use it directly. Because you can’t know whether your application will get the result as your wish or not, and how many people love it? For this reason, it’s important to undergo user testing to understand exactly how users are using your app, and so are mobile apps. When you become a big business, you can share your app with a larger group of users to test. Gaining an in-depth understanding of your customers and their needs, application context and challenges, that information will be a special key to develop a successful application. Collecting this information can also help ensure that your user interface is most effective for the application.

Another reason that is concerned by most users is that they can use your application for free. Almost all applications allow users to download it for free initially. Although the purpose is to make your application successful, it can certainly increase the number of users for your application. Therefore, your application will have a chance of success in the market. Providing a free basic app is key to attracting users and increasing traction. Nowadays, user psychology always prefers to use free products rather than spend some money. Free items are always attract customer’s attention, they still choose those products despite not understanding their quality. If users like your app and feel it has value for them, many people will be willing to pay in-app purchases to unlock content, premium features, or even buy the ad-free version.

The next step is to plan a marketing strategy. A solid marketing plan will help promote the application and attract the target user. It is important to plan early to build predictions for your application, then carefully prepare for launch time. Successful apps are well promoted before they get into the app store. You should divide your marketing plan into 3 campaign stages: before launch, launch, and after launch. No matter how groundbreaking or perfect your application is, if no one uses it, it will be a failure. Don’t make the mistake of starting your marketing plan once your application is developed.