Software Testing: What You Need to Know Before Hiring Singapore Software Testers

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Hiring Software Testers from Singapore

Every software manufacturer needs verification to determine if their products are ready for release in the market. This fact is highly applicable in Singapore, where businesses aim to provide high-quality products for their customers. But internal validation is not enough to ensure the value of the product. For most companies looking for a reliable third-party software tester, Singapore is one of the best options for outsourcing QA professionals.

Working with a software tester helps you evaluate the quality of a product before commercial release. But not all Singaporean software companies know how to maximise these services. Here are some facts about software testing services and what to expect from the experts.


What is Software Testing?


What is Software Testing?

Software testing is done by software manufacturers or companies developing theirs to ensure it is free of errors. It also evaluates if the actual outcome matches the company’s expected results. It also helps pinpoint any gaps, inconsistencies, or other missing requirements in the product.

Most of the time, software testing outsourcing companies are called in when a software manufacturer reaches the second to last step in their production process. It is one of the most preferred software development strategies among businesses today. This step takes place before the products come out in the market. Software testers work by examining, analysing, observing, and evaluating various aspects of the product.

Software testers use various tools for their projects. It includes automated testing, load testing, and defect tracking tools that work for every stage of the evaluation process. Some companies avail of software test automation services to speed up the process through template procedures and testing criteria. Manual testing also takes place to help the software development team produce high-quality and effective software.


Why is Software Testing Important?

Working with highly skilled software testers is a must for every software developer to fine-tune their products. These experts will help software creators to produce good software that serves its purpose.

Software testing improves the quality and usability of a product way before its intended users even see it. Once the testing is completed and done properly, it can guarantee the reliability and security of the product. It can also help the developers save time and resources because it will reduce the potential of a product recall. Most importantly, it will help boost the client company’s customer satisfaction ratings.


What are the Types of Software Testing?


What are the Types of Software Testing?

Software testing services in Singapore offer different kinds of testing that suit every need. Not all testing is made equal, however, as some work better for specific kinds of situations.

Generally, software testing experts perform manual or automated testing. Manual testing is often done by a professional in-person or remotely. The expert will interact with the product using various testing tools to filter inconsistencies in the program’s code and error-triggering commands and actions.

On the other hand, automated tests are done with the help of testing software that runs a test script written ahead of time. As a result, the tests differ according to the complexity and the reliability of the test script.

Testing software also varies according to function. Some of the most common software tests include:

Unit Tests – A low-level evaluation that checks out the software’s components, classes, and modules.

Integration Tests – These aim to prove that the different services or modules used by the software work properly together.

Functional Tests – Concentrates on the business components of an application to check the output of an action done by the system.

End-to-end Tests – Mimics possible product behaviour experienced by the target user once the product comes out in the market. It evaluates simple tasks like web page loading, logging in, verifying online payments and email notifications.

Acceptance Tests – Software testers conduct this test to check if the software system complies with its business requirements. The complete application of the software is necessary to check if it is already functional.

Performance Tests – Evaluates the behaviours of the product when running on a significant load. It looks into the product’s reliability, stability, and availability in the market.

Smoke Tests – If the software company wants to test the basic functionality of a product, then this type of test is a must. It usually takes place once a new product build is created to gauge if more extensive tests are still necessary to help the company improve applications.



Software developers in Singapore must never underrate the value of producing the best products for their target customers. So it is necessary to reach out to a reliable software testing company that can help in ensuring their products can match or even exceed customer expectations.

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