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Is your app on the winning... or losing side? Here's how you can boost your app's ratings.

Is your app on the winning... or losing side? Here's how you can boost your app's ratings.

In any digital (or non-digital) platform, customer satisfaction plays an essential role in keeping a business profitable in the long run. This is more evident today, where almost everybody has their own digital persona through mobile devices and platforms. Creating and improving your digital product such as apps can allow you to cater to your users efficiently, which results in an improved customer satisfaction rate.

What’s the best way to do it? Nothing beats starting off with a high-quality mobile app that satisfies your customers’ needs. Of course, even that can be further improved by having your developer upgrade app features or getting an external mobile app development company to assist you in improving your app and digital marketing.

Here is a guide to help you improve your mobile app’s satisfaction rating.


Plan Your Design Objectively


Plan Your Design Objectively

The first step in improving satisfaction ratings is by thinking of ways on how you can connect better with your customers, and them to you.

In an article about customer empowerment by Stefano Puntoni, he states that customers are now more proactive towards connecting with brands instead of waiting for information to be fed to them. For that very reason, being intentional about your communication and messaging would make your brand more impactful and influential to your customers, generating not only sales but also building brand loyalty.

Being intentional with your plans and designs will help you make your web and mobile app more efficient and accessible. In the event that your company does not have the expertise or facilities needed to make your app to your desired specifications, consulting with an IT outsourcing services company may help.


Plan Engagement Objectives


Plan Engagement Objectives

Did you know that a mobile app’s UI UX design can create a massive impact on its engagement figures? That is why planning out objectives and strategies to satisfy user needs are vital.

Customer engagement signifies their loyalty to you and in return, other buyers can find how valuable your brand is. In order to reap these benefits, you can create interaction points that can help keep your customers’ attention. To ensure your mobile app stays relevant to their needs, you can create promos, extra features, or partner with another mobile or web app development company to augment your app’s value.

Having your objectives planned out could help you visualise how and when you can reach them.


Efficiency over Aesthetics


Efficiency over Aesthetics

Aesthetics isn’t wrong at all; in fact, it does leave an impression on a users’ experience with your app. However, it should not trump your app’s functions, or else it can ruin overall UX and usability in the long run.

From links and buttons to the navigation pane, usability is a must. A design wouldn’t be that great when usability is undermined, right? After all, the equality of both efficiency and aesthetics is what customers are after. Too much of either can damage your customer satisfaction ratings in app store reviews.

In addition to prioritising functionality, creating an engaging web and mobile app can help you maximise your brand’s engagement score. An intuitive button layout can also help users enjoy their ‘stay’ in your mobile app. The same principle also applies to website design and development.

Customers rate value in your web and mobile apps, so a brand should be mindful of what their users will experience while accessing their app. Remember that apps are meant to be navigated and ‘clicked’ on, not just something to be read and looked at.



App designers should be mindful of their brand’s or business’ connection to their customers. Ensuring their design drives users to rate their app positively contributes a lot to their business success and high customer satisfaction rating.

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