How to Become An App Designer in Singapore

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August 16, 2017
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The mobile app market continues to grow each year. Total downloads have crossed the 50 billion per year mark and continue to rise.

Revenue from apps is also experiencing exponential growth as the world increases its reliance on smartphones. In simple terms, ‘now’ is the best time to become an app designer.

About University Degrees

There are 2 types of app designers. There are those that work for a company and those that work for themselves on a freelance/contractual basis.

If you aspire to land a paid app designer position in a company like Vinova, Codigo or Zoliotech, then it will be easier for you if you had a university degree associated with computers.

Asides from that, there is no specific degree that can make you an app designer. All you need is the knowledge, the capability, and the desire to work.

The 6 Steps to Become an App Designer in Singapore

The following are the 6 steps you need to take, in order to become an app designer in Singapore:

1. Get Equipped

You won’t be able to do any design work without a computer and the right software tools. These tools exist for both Windows and Mac systems.

Some are free, while others cost money. Some are cheap, while others are rather expensive. In the end, though, you won’t become an app designer without access to the right tools.

2. Study App Design

Designing an app is much more than simply coding it. App design focuses a lot more on user experience and functionality than on back-end technologies.

You will need to understand and perfect this skill if you really want to become an app designer.

3. Start Practicing

You will never master any skill if you don’t practice. So practice until you become proficient at app design.

4. Build a Portfolio

The market is getting more crowded every day, and you are not the only one who desires to become the best app designer in the world.

In order to be seen and be able to prove yourself, you will have to start designing apps for the real world. This is how you build your portfolio, which will increase your worth as a designer.

5. Advertise Yourself

The only way to get recognition as an app designer is to advertise yourself and your services. Every job application that you submit to a company is an advertisement of your capabilities, so once you have built up your portfolio share it.

6. Keep up to date

The computer industry is constantly evolving. As we have seen time after time, those who don’t keep up to date, or companies who don’t innovate, usually vanish because they become obsolete.


If you have the drive to create apps, using these 6 steps you can surely become an app designer in Singapore.

There is no better time to take this step than ‘now’.

So, what are you waiting for?