7 UI trends of 2019 to look out for

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May 15, 2019
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May 24, 2019

1. Improved web browsers

Browsers will be able to have better performances due to factors such as an increase in speed. Mozilla reports that some web browsers are 10 – 15 times faster than the previous versions used. This allows for a much more seamless and visually appealing However, do keep in mind that if your website is not user-friendly, it reflects badly on the browser.


2. Purposeful animation

With better browsers, there is much more room to play around with animations. It makes a much better experience than reading just some text or seeing a photo on your site.
The animations can be more eye-catching but with a purpose, to engage and direct the customers to a desired path on the website.


3. 3D interface and Deep flat

Like the previous point, the improvement of browser capacity has pushed the standard of websites visuals. This can be a huge advantage for companies that need other means of communicating their products through other methods, instead of lengthy text and pictures with no context. Not only that, it works well on smaller screens like mobile devices as a web browser may be too slow.
The deep flat is the stacking of flat layers on top of one another to create depth. This is a way of bringing visual interest and dimension into a very flat website.


4. Surreal design

Having playful yet realistic illustration gives the viewer a sense of the brand looking new and interesting. This surreal design is weird and a shocker to the viewer, giving them an interest in the brand instead of being bored by the same look. However it is a thin line to walk, too much of the illustration being too out there and it could result in losing consumers instead of gaining them and keeping interested.


5. Gradient, blazing colors and darkness

Not only are browsers improving, so are the screen that you view your browsers on. With endless possibilities for displaying colors, these 3 elements of design are coming out to play. The purpose of such design elements is to bring interest and draw the users eye to what is necessary.


6. Variable fonts

So many screens and so many sizes, how is one font supposed to fit them all? Now with variable fonts, one can fit the needed design space without needing 20 other files. Now, the design process is much smoother and more streamlined.
With all these trends and developments in the Digital User interface, one must remember that while design can be aesthetically pleasing, it must be done with purpose as well.