The Positive Business Impacts of Agile Development

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Agile does more to businesses than improving the software development process.

Agile does more to businesses than improving the software development process.

Agile development is a highly collaborative software production mindset that seeks to produce digital products with higher quality at a faster rate and with more transparency. To serve the best outcome for clients, the agile development practice is employed as it allows for constant improvement on an application or website, with an emphasis on meeting user and business needs.

Do you envision your app as an app store topnotcher? Creating it via agile practices may just be the key. If you’re still hesitant about its positive impact on software development, here are a few great things about agile development which you can benefit from.


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See Immediate Results

Since agile development is a highly collaborative process meant to produce the most efficient outcome, the people working on your project should be knowledgeable about its principles. An Agile team is composed of various members with a less restrictive communication hierarchy compared to the traditional “waterfall” approach. Their focus is on building working products at the quickest possible time so you can see immediate results.

One of agile development’s core principles is “responding to change over following a plan.” That way, it’s easier to shift project objectives toward a better direction. You’ll be able to see what has already been done, as well as the things you want to be changed and improved.

As it encourages collaboration, this huge task of quickly developing an excellent application can be narrowed down and divided among the team, making the process of creating and improving your application much more efficient and faster.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Being able to have regular updates and improvements to your application and/or website allows you to further satisfy your customers’ needs, hence it can increase your customer satisfaction rating. It could also attract new potential clients, so by making your application continuously relevant and usable, you can future-proof your product to survive in the ever-changing industry we have.

Another key value of agile is “customer collaboration over contract negotiation” – which means agile puts customer feedback as a priority to improve the overall user experience. This way, customers are more satisfied with the product and brand, which can lead to stronger customer loyalty and more sales.


Faster Completion of Development Projects

An Agile software development team can provide a time frame where they will be working on your project within a specific duration — split up in short durations called “sprints,” for Agile also prioritizes speed with minimal errors. Within this time frame, you will be presented early results so you can suggest what things can be improved on, or what you think will work best. This process is repeated until the product meets the requirements or your envisioned result. With that in mind, you can be sure that agile developers and their team are adaptive to changes and can quickly improve it.

Now those processes of constant improvement create a positive impact for businesses. Increased customer satisfaction means a better reputation for your company, too.


Make Your App Market Ready

Given that agile development deals first with what they can improve already even before releasing your application to the public, you can be sure of having an outcome that is market-ready. This is also based on another key value of agile, where it values “working software over comprehensive documentation.”

Developing software through agile can positively impact your time-to-market, as its specific processes and mindset ensure you can deliver a user-centric product that works according to customer needs in the quickest possible time.


Where Do I Find the Perfect Agile Team for My Company?

A number of companies specialising in the IT outsourcing business can help in finding the best team for you. Given that they could provide you with excellent talents, it should not be much of a problem finding an agile expert to augment your team or an entire agile team to create software for you.

To sum everything up, agile development can bring a massive positive impact to your business. From faster time-to-market to user-centric, continuously-upgraded products, your app or website will surely meet your vision and customer demands.

Have you already made up your mind? Well, then it’s about time to reach out to trained professionals in the field who can surely help you bring out the best product for you. If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of agile software development for your company, contact us at Frontline Mobile Pte Ltd. We are one of Singapore’s leading companies specialising in web and app development and can surely provide you with the best agile development team, too. To know more about our IT outsourcing services, you can buzz us through