Avoid Scams from Entities Posing as Frontline Representative

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FRONTLINE MOBILE Pte. Ltd. has been notified by multiple parties recently regarding being given offers, invitations, and other forms of data collection by malicious entities posing as representatives of the company. We are denying any connection to these entities and that they pose a danger to you. Here’s how you can avoid these scams and help take them down.


What is Happening?

Frontline is a registered business in Singapore with a highly positive reputation in the technology industry. Perhaps due to this reputation, several malicious entities have been masquerading as representatives of the company to take advantage of people looking for a career with us.

These companies usually use a corrupted form of the Frontline website’s registered domain name by adding letters to it, such as “g-frontline,” “v-frontline,” and so on for their online fronts.

These unidentified groups or individuals have been using Frontline’s name and identity for suspicious activities listed below.

A) Recruitment

Some of these malicious entities send out “representatives” to contact their targeted “applicants” and have them apply for their fake company, gathering your sensitive personal information. These representatives claiming to be from recruitment agencies working with “Frontline” may contact victims via SMS, WhatsApp, or other forms of direct communication.

B) Referrals and Grants

Other entities entice their victims by giving out bait offers such as referrals and grants, usually sent out via the so-called “random” messaging or social media promotion. They make offers amounting to a small amount of SGD to get people to click links and again, input their personal information for bogus work. Some tell their victims that they have “won” money and instruct them to follow a series of steps. To propagate this movement, they also offer others to “pass” links as “referrals” to their friends or loved ones.

C) App Promotion

Similar to A and B, these entities pose as companies offering “legitimate job offers” and have victims sign up and create accounts within their system to “promote” apps, which are not created by nor affiliated with Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd.

D) Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

This activity is usually tied to all of the above, wherein the suspicious entity will have you create an online payment account within or outside their system to facilitate money transfers. There is no guarantee of them being genuine with transactions, as the “companies” themselves are only fake fronts. Some entities might even have victims “pay” or deposit a certain amount first before they can “start work.”


How to Spot Scam Offer

We at Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd. would like to help you identify these organisations and individuals posing as members of our company by keeping a keen eye on several items you could see in their profiles, messages, and online platforms.

1. Prefixes or suffixes to the company name, URL, and suspicious emails

The official Frontline website is https://www.frontline.com.sg/ and nothing else. We are not affiliated with (A-Z)-frontline(dot)com or any websites and companies with similar names. Our official representatives also include the company’s name and would not come from random email providers. Be sure to always check the sender’s email address if you received an invitation through email.

2. Upfront offers that are too good to be true

Offers that say you won a random lottery or picked from a list of random names or numbers are almost surely a scam, especially if you did not join in any such activities. Frontline does not condone such practices that we believe are unfair and unprofessional.

3. Suspicious “proofs” of legitimacy

Some false organisations and individuals pretending to be affiliated with Frontline may try to present fake documents to serve as their proof of legitimacy. These may include some legitimate details such as the company’s address and URL (usually adding theirs to make them seem like alternate versions), and yet the names and documents can be traced and proven fake. These are also usually presented as photographs of “printed” versions, with some parts looking out of place or unreadable and/or having information just copy-pasted from parts of the website.

4. They contact you even if you didn’t apply

Fake “recruiters” will usually try to contact you first and try to convince you that you or your CV has been picked from a random list or referred to the company. These false agents will try to extract your sensitive personal information, which may include your bank account and social security number, among others. If you did not apply for a job through our website or official social media channels, please do not expect a call from us out of the blue.

5. Suspicious platform and company information

Some of these malicious organisations also put up their own systems to fool victims. See if their website or platform contains reliable information about the company such as history, leadership, and contact numbers and addresses.


What to Do Next?

We encourage everyone who encounters such offers to first verify the legitimacy of the invitation to transact or engage in communication. You can find our official information through our website.

Furthermore, we truly appreciate reporting suspicious messages, emails, calls, invitations, and other forms of communication about recruitment, referrals, or grants from sources you believe might be pretending to be a Frontline representative.

We assure the public that we are taking all necessary steps to protect the public from fraudulent organisations or individuals associating themselves with Frontline. We also ensure everyone that our employee and applicant data are well-protected in our secure databases.

Should you happen to encounter such offers, please do not hesitate to reach us at https://www.frontline.com.sg/contact/ to verify. Thank you.