The Essence of a QA Analyst in Product Development

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QA Analysts have an important role in making sure products turn out great.

QA Analysts have an important role in making sure products turn out great.

In manufacturing any type of product, it is essential to ensure it meets the company’s standards. Employing quality assurance (QA) is highly recommended during development. A proper way to do this is by consulting a quality assurance analyst because no one would want to use something that’s defective, faulty, or bug-ridden.

However, in spite of the importance of consulting QA analysts (and undergoing quality assurance) in software development, companies – especially the starting ones – tend to skip this crucial step due to certain reasons. With that in mind, here are some of the things that should convince you to take this simple yet vital aspect in your product development process: hiring a QA analyst.


Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

Quality Assurance Analysts focus more on ensuring that the processes your company uses to create the product meet the company’s set standards, or at least according to the quality management plan. It’s a proactive approach that tries to prevent the occurrence of product defects, which, in the case of software development, are bugs and errors.

Hiring a QA Analyst is a wise move because it complements quality control and testing. With QA Analysts on your team, you can be sure that whatever standards you have in your production process can be monitored and met.

Having a QA Analyst enables your team to spot inconsistencies in the production pipeline. In software development, for example, the QA analyst can check if the developers are following the recommended procedure in writing code and documentation. With the analyst’s recommendation, the team keeps the process uniform and can help prevent errors from forming in the database and other aspects of the product.


Save Resources for Later Allocation

Save Resources for Later Allocation

Since it is a QA Analyst’s job to ensure the quality of your products meets the set standard before release, you can avoid future problems like product recalls or revamps. Prevention is better than cure, as they say.

So, if reducing the risks of errors forming can already be done during product development, why miss it? Doing so ensures you can avoid additional spending on correcting problems after release, which can also affect the market rating of your software, website, or app.

The analyst works hand-in-hand with the Quality Assurance Engineer too. Given that analysts focus more on the non-technical aspects of your product, having an engineer proficient in the technical aspects such as designing test plans, identifying and tracking bugs, and monitoring QA metrics can improve your QA further.

Remember that quality assurance is a process best done by a team. Having various QA roles filled can help minimise the chances of overlooking defects during quality control (QC).


Leave the Testing to the Experts

Many start-ups in the software development industry often decide to skip QA and Software Testing or try to do it themselves even if they aren’t knowledgeable about the process. While developers can also do QA and testing by themselves, the results will always be a lot more efficient if done by experts in the field.

A QA Analyst tests your production process if it is up to industry standards, audits and evaluates processes, as well as reviews documentation and inspection procedures. This way, you can pinpoint how you can further improve your manufacturing (for products) or development (for digital or software products).

Attempting to do QA without the expertise of a QA analyst may lead to complications or conflicts with your production or management teams, as the QA results may not reflect the true state of your process efficiency.


Hiring a QA Analyst

Quality assurance is a crucial step in business processes. Not only could it help you improve your product or service or save resources, but it could also be helpful for your overall business performance at large. But where does one find good QA analysts?

One way to hire a QA analyst is the traditional in-house hiring process. Alternatively, you can opt to outsource your QA by partnering with a reputable software development agency or QA service provider.

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