Software Testing is a Must, and Here’s Why

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Software Testing is a Must

Companies that launch any software, all try to ensure that their products undergo software testingbefore deployment. In fact, being able to launch 3 mobile apps and 4 websites or so in a span of a decade does not automatically mean that the developers can just release their next application without testing it.

The phrase “practice makes perfect” probably does not fit in the context of technology either- perhaps because there’s also such a thing called “continuous innovation.” With software testing, one can always spot areas for improvement, so the best way to guarantee perfection is to verify and test if the product is bug-free, has effective design, and can function seamlessly according to plan.

To help you further understand the importance of conducting software testing, here are three reasons why.

Software Testing

  1. It helps your users (and you) in the long run. There are a ton of software testing services that are flexible enough to cater to your needs. For example, cases such as behaviour observation , conducting end-to-end tests, validating software stability and performance tests. Some services can also check if your software’s profitable and marketable, like with comparison testing. By doing so, users will find your product easy to use, and cuts work down for your developers who will have fewer bugs to fix once the product is launched.
  2.  You can do it even if you don’t know how to. It is true – you can still test your software even without studying the technicalities and it’s through procuring the assistance of a software testing company. All that you have to do is enumerate your company’s requirements, give some documentation regarding the prototype or product to the testing agency, and check out their reports and recommendations afterwards. But of course- to keep you from overspending or hiring an unreliable provider, assessing the software testing company must be done first. Alternatively, some software testing outsourcing companies allow you to augment your testing capabilities by lending theirs for your team. You can save resources on researching for applicants with specific skills in doing so.
  3. Improves your image as a trustworthy name for solutions. Providing effective solutions is a must for virtually all companies, even more so for those who launch various software or apps. With software testing, you can produce reliable solutions to answer your market’s needs. You don’t even have to have your own testing team in-house. If you’re looking for a software tester, Singapore is one of the best places to find great talent at competitive rates. Becoming a significant name for your users depends on your product’s effectiveness and positive impact, which is measured through customer satisfaction ratings and other forms of feedback.


The Biggest Catch


The Biggest Catch

The biggest catch for software testing however, is one that involves vulnerabilities such as cyber security issues and product lifespan. This may as well include thinking ahead of design trend changes that keep on occurring, which can endanger the usability of a software product. To solve this, software testers first gauge what things can break the product, such as exploitable lines in code or potential entry points for malicious users. Next, they check how far the program can run through predetermined metrics or benchmarks, which should give them an idea regarding future upgrades or maintenance for the product.

It’s not as easy as it seems though, as some steps need to be done to ensure the product can perform to varying user needs. First, the product’s “lifespan” or the period before upgrades or patch fixes can be applied should at least meet expectations of clients. Next, software testing must be done routinely and tightly to maintain quality, meet customer demands, and protect their data from harmful attacks.



Businesses with digital processes or products should always strive to validate not just the usability but also the quality of their output software or apps. Companies who may not have the manpower or time to assemble a testing team can always opt to hire trustworthy software testing agencies to help them out.

One such source of reliable software testers is Frontline, a pioneer web and mobile app development company in Singapore that also specialises in software testing and quality assurance. To know more about our products and services, reach out to us by clicking here.