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May 24, 2019
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PARIS, FRANCE - OCT 3, 2015: Customer checks the new iPhone 6s with the Safari App and the Apple Website featuring the Apple Watch

Not so long time ago, technological equipment were very simple and quite strange to everyone. At that time, when people needed to buy an item, they had to look for it in different physical stores. Because one lives in the countryside, one may not find that specific item which results to him/her traveling to the city  much legwork required. Familiarity to the place has become another challenge for some because it would be difficult if they get lost, looking for that important item. The hassle of going to the city to purchase items, and availability of products to certain places are some of the reasons why people started creating many useful applications in recent years. It was always led to answering the challenges people face everyday, and that is convenience.

Nowadays, mobile apps became useful and known, not just in specific places, but worldwide. Mobile phone turned out to be a necessity for everyone, even for old people and children, so that their families could make connections with them online even from a faraway place. Most technology companies have paid attention to their benefit as they craft new services for their customers. Applications or ‘apps’ continue to emerge as time goes, and become available to almost all platforms, even television, although the most dominant ones are still mobile and web apps. Developers usually update their app structures and services because they want to give their customers the most exciting and most advanced solutions.

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Mobile phones have become a close friend to everyone. With the emergence of this necessity, businesses also need to create their own smartphone application. This will help them have a stable position in the market to be at par with other companies. Not only individuals get to experience the power of apps, but most companies as well, even start-ups, who prefer to digitize tasks for better operations. Some technologies were dominantly used for marketing and other operation-related activities.

In Viet Nam, there are many online shopping channels that have been successful thanks to the mobile application development, such as Lazada, Tiki, and Grab to mention some. If one wants to succeed, he/she needs to create a basic solution to an all-star product, an impressive service that can attract customer’s attention. Moreover, if one business is represented by a good application present in iOS, Android and web, it will be kept as the company’s constant marketing and sales tool. Apps have been very beneficial for all segments of companies, all this time.

Here are other benefits that mobile applications bring into the business:

  • Building trust from customer
  • Improving brand value
  • Creating conditions for customers to access and look for mobile app services
  • Expanding online shopping network
  • Getting more potential customers

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Not only in the retail industry applications work best, it could also help people do many things, one of them is booking tours. Particularly, people love travel and technology applications so much. Young people could travel easier through the help of a map app for navigation around the city/province, or airline app for booking with friends or even alone. For entertainment, there are apps for games, and watching movies, etc…

And if one has already decided to go onboard to digital, and has already considered creating an app for the brand, it is ideal to find a web and mobile app design agency for smoother operations, who can help you design a wonderful app.

Consider FRONTLINE. We are always willing to support and supply for you with the best web and mobile applications suitable for your business.