Content Marketing and the Contemporary Art of Copywriting

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Copywriting is an integral part of digital marketing, and it's essential to learn how to effectively use it.

Copywriting is an integral part of digital marketing, and it's essential to learn how to effectively use it.

For any website, an essential objective is to keep visitors interested and engaged. Compelling materials in landing pages are, therefore, one of the priorities of any company today and the website copywriter or team of writers are primarily tasked to ensure generating quality and attention-grabbing content for effective websites.

As such, a lot of consideration comes into crafting effective website copywriting materials.

Copywriting in E-commerce

Website copywriting is the process of creating written content for a web-based platform. This can include a range of materials such as body content for landing pages, descriptions on product pages, blog posts, advertisements, sales mail, SMS notifications, and other materials aimed specifically to guide and persuade potential customers.

As trade craft, copywriting for web follows the same general principles of effective writing with a few unique challenges.

For instance, copywriting in digital marketing is different from content writing in terms of purpose. Content writing is aimed at educating or informing site visitors. On the other hand, marketing copy should contain a degree of persuasion, which means the primary aim is to convince visitors to purchase a company product or service.

Compared to creative writing, which involves creating reader-focused informative or entertaining materials, marketing copywriting is focused on making a sales pitch that would favourably result in revenues. Lastly, marketing copywriting is different from technical writing, as the latter seeks to provide the reader with specific data concerning the subject for purposes of clarification, instruction, explanation, or exposition. The goal of a website copywriter is to influence purchasing decisions and choices with a balanced take between using concise and abstract wording.

The Contemporary Art of Copywriting

With companies embarking on all-out digital transformation to boost online marketing and commerce, competition is getting steep among business copywriters in digitally-advanced countries like Singapore. In such a landscape, copywriters will need a healthy attitude, a dynamic skill set, and the ability to adopt creative new strategies.

Storytelling is a classic tactic in any marketing campaign. Narratives have a way of making materials more relatable and real and, therefore, more persuasive. But author Jeff Goins notes that ‘creativity’ alone is not enough to create compelling stories. Specifically, he emphasises the need for research and noting as many details a writer can collect and use. He explains that many of these ideas may come in handy at some point and can provide the necessary details to breathe full life into a story.

It’s also not enough to be adept at using copy only. Using novel presentations and distinctive visuals is also an art form necessary to engage a wider audience. As more and more people are now getting accustomed to multi-media platforms and video marketing, engaging in “omnichannel” marketing can make materials more engaging and convincing.

Lastly, copywriting has risen as a major profession that even IT outsourcing companies have started including them in their services. Aspiring writers can achieve success with exceptional language skills such as creating “killer titles,” establishing urgency through actionable words, projecting authority, or simply writing as if in a conversation. This can make words more natural, direct and effective.


Website profitability is dependent on content marketing as seen in many digital companies today. IT outsourcing in Singapore and other emerging global tech leaders include digital marketing copywriting as part of their services to answer this growing demand. Many of these IT services are digital transformation services that provide both technological and human upgrades for better market positioning and commercial performance.

In digital marketing, copywriting is still a human artform where creative storytelling, novel presentations, distinctive visuals and exceptional language have become important factors that expert copywriters or copy agencies can use to drive business success. One such company is Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd., which is your best bet if you’re looking for a competitive copywriter in Singapore. To know more about our products and services, please send your enquiries or visit us at