Fine E-scooter

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March 19, 2019
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March 20, 2019

The danger of the E-scooter continues to rise as more people get involved in the accidents with the E-scooter. Just today, a 37-year-old administrative woman was injured on her left foot as an E-scooter rammed into her foot. Luckily, she was only bruised and did not have any fractures. However, the rider was not so lucky. Burganoodeen Mohamed Mohideen, 23 who is currently serving in the Singapore Civil Defense Force, will have a fine of S$2000 for not showing his effort to slow down his vehicle. The accident could have ended where the woman was injured more severely. It also could have ended with Burganoodeen having more than S$2000 in fines and jail time. Nevertheless, this is not the only case of an E-scooter accident.

On Feb 13, Muhammad Sha’if Jumadi, 23, was sentenced to eight months and seven weeks of jail time. Two weeks after, Lim Kim Swee, 52, was fined S$2000 for injuring a woman with his careless driving. From these, the awareness of how dangerous the e-scooter can be continues to rise. It should also be noted that the Government accepted the Active Mobility Advisory Panel’s proposal to make e-scooter registration mandatory. Those that are riding the e-scooter without the registered plate or mark can be fined up to $1000. If caught on the public road, then the fine can go up to $2000 and even a time in jail. This is a fair warning for all the scooter users that following the law is mandatory, and they should drive around the public road carefully.