iOS App Development: Everything You Need to Know This 2022

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iOS App Development: Everything You Need to Know This 2022

Apple is constantly maintaining their success and good reputation through the years, and even more this 2022. This success is evident with their total revenue increase of $91.5 million in 2021 compared to 2020. And of course, improvements in iOS application development play a huge role in Apple’s continued rise, especially with the increasing number of software and services in the market for Apple devices that are all powered by user-centred application development.

To help you keep up with the latest advancements in Apple app development, here are the top three 2022 must-know updates.


Swift 5.6

Swift is one of the main programming languages used in building Apple products, and its next version, Swift 5.6, was released in the first quarter of 2022 following Swift version 5.5.2, which was first officially released in December 2021. Currently, there are 334 repository proposals, 13 of which are implemented and will be included in the release.

  • SwiftSyntax – SwiftSyntax came from the main Swift repository from 2017 that’s currently being developed. It is a set of Swift bindings used for parsing, inspecting, generating, and transforming Swift source codes into executable machine codes.
  • Swift Package Manager – Swift Package Manager (SPM) project is a tool that allows the distribution management of source codes for professional and personal use by an iOS app developer. In addition, SPM can be used for the compilation linking of packages, dependencies, and collaborations.
  • Swift-DocC-Render – Swift-DocC-Render is a JavaScript-based web application that renders compiled DocC archives to create rich code and websites. It is also a part of a documentation compiler for Swift frameworks and packages, along with Swift Markdown and SymbolKit.


iOS App Development: Everything You Need to Know This 2022


Apple is strict with its development requirements. However, getting your apps approved in the Apple App Store isn’t that hard with the help of Apple SDK toolkits that include frameworks like ARKit and ShazamKit integrations. These frameworks also come with resources like documentation and Human Interface Guidelines. There are also online forums where developers can interact to create a community-based improvement hub for these frameworks.

  • ARKit 5 – ARKit is used for developing apps with AR integration. Its first official release for iOS 11 was in 2017 and is still in use with ARKit 5 in the most recent iOS version, iOS 15. At the moment, Apple iOS developers enjoy a huge benefit with it given ARKit’s use in a wide range of industries that use AR, such as education, healthcare, and entertainment. On top of that, ARKit 5 offers features like AR placement and Location Anchors, which do not require code changes.
  •  – Another life-saver framework included in the iOS SDK is the ShazamKit. Its primary purpose is to enable Shazam in iOS and other operating systems like AndroidOS. With this framework, any audio file like songs and school lessons will be recognisable and playable on almost every device. A reference signature is generated using the audio signature, which will then be compared to the catalogue (that is also customisable), where the meta elements are kept. In summary, its functionalities include matching music files, creating a signature, and even error-catching classes and structures bundled in the ShazamKit.




Design Resources

One of the reasons behind Apple’s superiority in the market is its design rules. The company’s design principles may vary every time a new device is created but remains consistent in its branding. This harmonious blend of user-centred functional design and minimalist aesthetic is what helps the Apple brand command premium price pointsCreating an easily recognisable, high-impact design may cost from $4,000 to $20,000 – or even more, depending on the amount of research and development it takes. But despite that, there’s one way to make the design cost-effective from development up to the app launch: by using resources, templates, and guides provided by Apple. Any iOS developer may put assets to use with design software like Adobe Sketch, XD, and Photoshop templates included in Apple design guides. Additionally, design is the first thing that will give an impression to people– why not make the most out of its icon, title, and previews?



Development language versions, frameworks, and design resources are just a few of the updates that everyone looked forward to this 2022. We’re already in the month of the year, and the tech giant sure has a lot in store for app developers and users for years to come. If you’re looking to have an app developed for the iOS platform and want to have a reliable development firm to partner with, you can trust Singapore’s leading iOS app development company, FRONTLINE Mobile Pte. Ltd. We can create iOS apps complete with design and development solutions for any business. You can reach out to us at