IT Outsourcing: A First-Class Software Development Strategy

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Developing software is a serious investment. Can IT outsourcing help improve it?

Developing software is a serious investment. Can IT outsourcing help improve it?

For any web application development company, signs of growth such as sales and expansion of the workforce indicate that business is healthy. Not only do they make more products, but their clientele also increases.

However, such good news can also become a problem as the number of things to manage also increases. For example, a mobile app development company can start with just a single developer, but to create more apps and other solutions, the company must scale in everything – from labor to facilities and business capacity. It’s not something a one-man crew can handle. Otherwise, the company will collapse under overwhelming inquiries, delayed product deliveries and an ever-increasing workload.

Tough, isn’t it? A lot of adjustments will be needed and here is where outsourcing might become the key to a company’s success.


In-House and Outsourcing Operations

Labour is usually classified into two categories: In-house and outsourced. With an in-house labour force, tasks will be performed by the company’s employees within their premises or organization. Outsourcing is the opposite – wherein tasks are delegated to an employee, team, or organization not managed by the company. Both operations have their unique features that make them functional, depending on the nature of the company’s business.


Tech Thing


Tech Thing

With an in-house workforce, your resources are limited to local talent and hindered by possible restrictions in that particular area, or in some cases, even national laws. By outsourcing, one can enjoy potential benefits that go beyond saving resources.


Cost-Efficient Labour

One of the biggest concerns when expanding an operation is the company’s budget. In-house operations will require you to pay for your regular workers, especially the expert ones. This may result in high wage costs depending on the company’s geographic location, especially in places such as North America or Western Europe. With outsourcing, third-party organizations from nations with lower labour costs can do the leg work, helping companies save resources. One example is for IT outsourcing, the Philippines is a good choice for many companies. Most software development companies choose to outsource to the Southeast Asian nation because of a great balance between low labour costs and the high quality of talents.


Location Wise

In-house operations demand consideration of local factors for a company. From laws to taxes and other legal compliance, some companies cannot afford to do with the rising complexity. But with outsourcing, there can be less worries as operations may be less strict in other areas or countries. For example, some Western companies are confident in offshoring work to mobile app Singapore professionals, as the country is known to be a tech hub in the SEA region. There will be no problem despite employer and employees being in different locations because web-based technology has made outsourcing much easier.


Time-saving Factor

If you are in a hurry, then outsourcing once again is a fit for you. Many outsourcing companies can deliver in 2 to 4 weeks, allowing you to finish a specific task through the help of an experienced team at a possibly faster pace. With an in-house process, it may require hiring new people, assessing the applicants, and training the newly hired employees before they can even get to work, whereas the outsourced team or company may have already finished the job.



Scaling is a heavy matter that requires important decisions to be made. While both outsourcing and in-house operations have a lot of benefits in themselves, it is important to weigh down each operation to save your resources and time. If your company is growing and you’re getting confused about how to manage some tasks, IT outsourcing is the first-class solution you’re looking for.

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