Rising Demand for CFO

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March 26, 2019
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April 3, 2019

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There is a rising demand for jobs in Singapore, and the biggest rise of the job is the financial professions. The demand for financial professionals is rapidly rising, but the people that are actually qualified for the job are very few. Not is the number of people that are acquiring the degree in finance insufficient compared to the demand, but also that the people are actually unskilled even if they have the degree causes the problem. Therefore, companies are struggling to find the right person that is skilled for the job because there are increasing cases of hiring the wrong person.

According to Robert Half, more than 83% of the CFO are struggling to find the right person for the assistant on the finance. More than 85% predict that it will get even harder to find the person in the next five years. The most highly sought-after financial jobs are credit risk officer, internal auditor, risk specialist, financial manager, relationship manager, tax manager, internal auditor, financial analyst, credit controller, and accountant. Because the demand is high and there are not enough workers, the wages for the job are increasing as well. The internal auditor can have a wage of more than $200,000 due to the low number of skilled workers. However, this does not mean that every company will want to hire you. They are also scared that they will hire the wrong person for the job. As much as they are desperate, they have seen way too many of the case of hiring the wrong person. Nonetheless, if you are the person that has the skills, then you are in for the new golden age of your life.