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April 3, 2019
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April 4, 2019

Image from Business Insider

If you have passed through the Malaysia and Singapore border in the past, you would know that the road is packed. From the car road to the customs line, it is packed with people and cars, taking forever to pass through. However, that line is about to be longer. Ever since the foreign motorists have not been paying the outstanding fine, the fine has been stacking up. If the fine that has been accumulated is counted, the number would stagger up to S$32 million dollars. The rise of millions of dollars shows that the problem is not to be taken aside anymore.

Singapore cannot stand these atrocious acts from foreign drivers; therefore, the government has decided to deny any access for the foreign drivers with the outstanding fine. Malaysia has responded back by stating that this unilateral action from the Singaporean government shows that the relationship between the two countries is not well. Malaysia also responded that these actions should be taken after the two countries have taken a serious discussion. While this action can cause an even bigger traffic jam, it is taken to stop the fine from rising. Singapore has been making plans to stop the traffic jam from getting bigger while stopping the foreign cars with the fine from coming in.