Fly or Flop: Investing in a Good Web App Development Company

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Not all web app development firms are the same. Find out what makes some more advantageous to hire.

Not all web app development firms are the same. Find out what makes some more advantageous to hire.

The web can be a potential gold mine or a sinkhole for businesses. That’s why investing in an innovative web app development company is a must. How do you know if you’re teaming up with the right squad?

Sometimes the difference between a working output and an outstanding one is getting an excellent hire. As the world matures to full digital empowerment, it’s getting harder to find highly competent developers with the right mix of experience and value. Some qualities transcend time and industry; traits like dedication, adaptability, and interpersonal skills are a must. Some qualities come up with the times, such as particular competitiveness in specific fields of expertise that rise with demand.

Outsourcing has helped mitigate the human resources problem for many organizations in need of a budget-perfect team with great capabilities. Today, it has become a norm even for major multinational firms to contract agencies for web application development services.

Check out this list of things that could influence your decision in verifying if a team or company is worth the investment money.


Fly or Flop: Investing in a Good Web App Development Company - The classic traits and skills

The classic traits and skills

Nothing beats having the classic traits and skills of a highly-valuable organization member: perseverance, adherence to regulations, and dedication to quality output, among others. This works the same for developers – with a few more additions you’ll see later.

The search for people with good traits becomes a bit more complicated when they should be a collective; that is, to qualify that an entire company or team possesses such.

For example, when looking for the right company for your outsourced IT support services, it’s a wise step to do a background check first. See their previous projects, clients they worked with and their feedback, and analyze if the risk will be worth it. Remember that this company will serve as a crucial part of your system’s backbone.

The development company should have visible teams that are open to communicating with your representatives and works flexibly with negotiated requirements. It is a big plus to see if their environment is well for their employees, are honest with each other, and update themselves with the latest skills and tools.

Skills are both personal and collective. Some examples of the latter involve management of the team or company’s workforce and the work culture they implement.

Development companies that fail to deliver usually mismanage their organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and bank too much on prospects instead of results.


Individual empowerment

As mentioned earlier, there’s more to good work ethic and skills. An organization consists of individuals and teams within. Each individual contributes to the performance of the whole. Investing in a company that knows the many differences between high-performing and mediocre hires is, therefore, another point of critical value to prioritize.

Good talents are aware of their limits and keep seeking to improve on their work. They are unhindered by differences in personality with colleagues and strive to resolve issues as soon as possible. They are empowered as individuals in that they give due respect to their work, coworkers, superiors, and most of all, their clients.

For example, in the field of website design and development, highly-capable developers embrace continuous learning as an integral part of their job description. Routine skill upgrading has become a routine process for many developers since requirements change and increase as time progresses.

Web development companies that promote work-life balance, inclusivity, and holistic personal development are also trustworthy partners for business. If they cherish the hands that do the work, they’ll be more than eager to take good care of their responsibilities.

It’s hard to fail with a team of people all hungry for success.


Fly or Flop: Investing in a Good Web App Development Company - Future-ready mindset

Future-ready mindset

The ability to take the future into perspective is one of the most bankable traits a good development company should have. They have a keen focus on what you ask them to deliver and are aware of the possibilities that might disrupt or help the project.

Participating in innovative events and movements for social responsibility is also a good indicator of a development company’s active drive to foster growth in their teams and as a company. If you are a recruiter or work in the IT outsourcing business, asking for a developer’s activity list is also a worthwhile check.

Events such as Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Hackathon gathered around 1,200 participants to promote sustainable agriculture. Their recent Build 2020 digital event also showcased new solutions to challenges today and in the future.

Companies that know how to innovate with tomorrow in mind make a great partner and investment. In a study by IDC, about 64% of top businesses have a platform to engage with external developers. Most of them are gold standards in their particular industries, such as JP Morgan Chase, BMW, and Johnson & Johnson.



Investing in a web app development agency can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Knowing the classic quality traits and skills, and seeing if your prospect encourages individual empowerment and bears a future-ready perspective are sure indicators of a great partnership.

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