3 Reasons Why Hiring A Big Data Engineer Is A Wise Move

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Big Data Engineers are in-demand today... and for good reason!

Big Data Engineers are in-demand today... and for good reason!

Ever since the internet was established, gigantic volumes of data have been collected, processed, and stored. As the world continues to progress along with technology, organisations are finding it harder to track and analyse data. This dilemma created a rising need for enterprises to have a big data engineer to process raw data into usable, meaningful chunks.

Big data engineers have been of tremendous help to numerous website and business owners, mainly because of their role: maintaining, improving, and handling of complex data is in their hands. In whatever industry a business may be in, it is inevitable to face an overwhelming amount of complex data, which will need handling and securing.


Data is Serious Business

For many businesses with established data collection points, management of received data should be done in a secure and well-maintained manner. From complex inventory updating to schedules, operational, and customer information, the variety and size of data collected is surely serious business.

Additionally, data security laws like the GDPR in Europe or specific privacy protection laws in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region add another layer of compliance for businesses. Not being able to keep it secure can lead to legal issues, which can cost you a ton of money.

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But that could be avoided by hiring a competitive data engineer to ensure your data is used securely and appropriately. They have been trained well in securing an enormous amount of data. These engineers are also known to build the foundation of website databases and are also the ones that make data useful for decision-making. Without them, your website and even your business management strategies will surely lack important factors you can use for improving your business.


As Customers Increase, So Does Data

As your business grows and progresses, so will the data you’ll receive from your customers—including other types of data produced by other people involved in your business. This increasing complexity can reach a point where manual handling and analysis of data can overwhelm your personnel.

As Customers Increase, So Does Data

Growth is good for any business because more customers mean bigger data, and a bigger data pool of relevant information can mean creating more effective strategies for higher engagement and conversion rates. If your business’ crucial big data is still handled by assigned personnel, like a single data manager and an analyst, the sheer volume of items to be processed can render them ineffective at their job.

Nevertheless, this problem can be circumvented easily if a team of big data experts will do the processing. This type of job can be filled in by a dedicated IT support team with a big data expert. By using automation and other tools to calculate and structure data coming in from various collection points, management can be agile enough in directing the organisation and the business. Some business leaders find it more appealing to outsource these IT roles, as it can help them save on resources in some cases.


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Big Data Engineers Are as Important as Anyone

Big Data Engineers play a crucial role in structuring data for not just websites, as they serve as the primary provider of data organisation models.

They are the ones responsible for the foundation – the base needed by data scientists and analysts to access and process data.

Moreover, as a building would easily collapse without a quality foundation, so would websites and businesses go completely downhill without an expert to work on its cornerstones too. Data analysts will have to do the sorting and organisational tasks which can mean reducing their effectiveness. That’s why having a dedicated Big Data Engineer or data team is a wise business move.


Where Can You Hire One?

Big data engineers are certainly in demand right now. Figures from the 2020 DICE report on Tech Jobs reveal that “Data Engineer” is growing the fastest among other IT careers in 2019. Other studies reveal the data engineering services market rising from 18% in 2021 to an estimated 31% per year in 2025.

Since they are in demand, where can you hire one yourself?

These engineers can be contacted and hired best through companies offering outsourced IT support services. This is an advantage because you can give your full trust to them because you’ll know that they were screened and trained well. With the world heading progressively to full digitalisation, contacting an IT outsourcing company will be the best choice for your website and business.



One thing’s for sure: hiring a big data engineer for the further improvement and establishment of your website and/or business can be the best decision you can make right now. Not only because they serve as a core member of your data team, but hiring one allows you to gain more business advantages within your website and the data you collect.

While trustworthy, reliable, and excellently-trained big data engineers may seem hard to find, it shouldn’t be much of a problem now with numerous agencies with in-house data experts. If you’re looking for a good data engineer, Singapore IT services company Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd., can serve your big data needs. We have worked with multinational companies in handling their website creation, data engineering needs, and even app development requirements. To learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact our team through https://www.frontline.com.sg/contact/.