3 Key Technical Benefits of Java-Based Applications

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Java is used in so many machines around the world that it's probably harder to look for one that can't run it. But are Java apps worth it?

Java is used in so many machines around the world that it's probably harder to look for one that can't run it. But are Java apps worth it?

What Makes Java Superior for Application Development

The Java programming language is a common coding tool used in all kinds of businesses with websites or apps today. The popularity of this programming language is partly driven by its easy learning curve and being platform-independent. Most of its latest versions may be more advanced than others, which is why having a senior Java developer could be valuable to ensure your product utilises the latest features of the coding language to your advantage.

Most of the time, business owners have no interest or time to learn all the programming enhancements released for Java. They would rather hire a Java developer to ensure their Java-based software will function flawlessly, but that may not be enough in some cases. So, here are some of the tasks that senior and junior Java developers can do for businesses.

Provides Portability

Reason #1: Provides Portability

One of the primary goals of Java is to provide portability to any programming language. Thus, when business owners hire developers from an IT services and outsourcing team, they can create applications that businesses can use on any type of device. It is a software-based platform that can run in virtually any hardware thanks to its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) property.

The huge popularity of Java among developers and its platform-independent characteristic allows software written in Java to be serviced by a wide variety of IT support services. Many Java developers provide this service to companies as in-house support or hired via IT outsourcing agencies.


Reason #2: Effective Memory Management

Many business owners may have limited knowledge about the technical requirements of creating software, websites, web apps, and mobile apps. It’s the reason why IT support works for most businesses, or at least those who do not have an in-house department for handling IT needs all the time. One thing that both business leaders and IT resource managers know, however, is effective management – and by using Java, businesses can save on resources such as memory.

In Java memory management, all Java objects remain in a “heap,” which is made when an application begins. Its function may increase or decrease while running. As soon as the heap becomes full, unnecessary and unused items will be considered “trash” and collected for removal in a process called “garbage collection.” The app will add new objects to the vacant space. This process will bring out an automatic system that can help manage all the available memory resources. As a result, it will increase the speed and efficiency of the apps.


Provides Real-World Applications

Reason #3: Provides Real-World Applications

There are many industries where building software using Java is advantageous. These include:

· Android App Development – Java is one of the top programming languages used in Android applications. Java is probably the best language to use for developing Android apps in particular because this language is easy to learn. It is written with high-level syntax similar to natural human language and fewer mysterious characters. It also has amazingly capable API, database connection, XML parsing, and networking, which developers can use to create a reliable Android or web-based app. Many mobile apps provide leverage for many businesses to achieve their goals.

· Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems – Java is also ideal for developing software for use in POS terminals. These products are necessary for the Retail industry, which is why plenty of retail businesses invest in good software for their terminals. Since the software for these terminals is mainly running on Android, developers can use Java for developing POS software. In addition, the language’s versatile traits allow it to scale the terminal systems conveniently.

· Software Product Development – There are plenty of software products created using Java, such as Storm, Apache, and Gmail. Its uses are considered limitless because it is very useful for remote development. It is also handy when running on different platforms or combined with other popular programming languages as it is platform-independent.



From its portability to use in a range of applications, Java is indeed one of the most efficient development languages among today’s programming languages. It is richly featured and flexible for use in both web and mobile, environments, among its many capabilities.

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